Another Tech Meetup?

Well, yes and no. At this meetup we want to get pushed out of our comfort zone away from our favorite languages. We believe great software engineers are knowledgable enough to assess any problem and use the right tool for the job. Not the flavor of the week. Not old faithful.

You may have your favorite tech, but how will you grow if you don't explore new things? With this meetup we will aim to explore all aspects of software engineering.

Quick Tutorials Meets Mini Hackathons

Sitting and listening to people ramble on for hours about tech and doing live programming doesn't benefit anyone. We think everyone should get their hands dirty and actually program, together, hackathon style, especially if you are surrounded by smart people!

Our meetups consist of a few lightning talk style presentations then after that its time to hack away. In addition, sometimes one of us volunteers to share experiences with the group.

Our coding exercises, or katas, are performed by pairs of developers using test-driven development. The exercises are language agnostic. Whether you want to improve your skill in a language that we have discussed before, or want to introduce a new one, you will definitely find someone who wants to sit down and tackle a problem with you.

Some of our members have given talks a large conferences and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share; some of our members are new to programming and want to get started. Our podium is open to everyone who participates. If you have a topic you would like to bring to the group, let us know.

Discussions are open and held in our public Slack channels.

We hope to see you at the next meetup!

A Healthy Discussion

Between meetups, our community discusses the projects we're working on, the latest tech news, career opportunities, and much more. Reach out and stop by!